Brotherhood of the Crystal Star


“The Magician’s Guild in Toran is the most prominent place where the arcane science of Left-handed magic is studied in its codified form.

“Because all of the guilds stem from the same set of core beliefs, they form a union of like-minded scholars that transcends fealty to city, nation, kingdom and liege. A leading light in this fraternity of magicians is the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, named after its twin beliefs that spells are a form a crystallised magic and that all true power comes from planes of existence beyond the world of Magnamund, i.e. from the stars. Since its creation, all Brothers wear Crystal Star Pendants that are fashioned in the shape of a star with many points. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star is open to all Sommlending who possess the ability and desire to master the art of Left-handed magic and use it to goodly purpose.

“Most members of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star are erudite scholars who come from noble families. This gives the Magician’s Guild of Toran a great deal of temporal power to complement their mystical strengths.”

Brotherhood of the Crystal Star

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