“Kai’s greatest gift to us is the power he bestows through our disciplines. There are many sorts of magic in the world but our abilities are unique in all of Magnamund. Be proud of this blessing, but never forget that you have been granted it for a reason. Devotion exalts the Kai Lords. Arrogance undermines us.

“I’m looking at you, Laughing Fox.”

—Kai Lord Silent Owl, Caretaker of the Hall of Novitiates

Over the centuries, the Kai have mastered the skills of the warrior. These skills are known as the Kai disciplines and they are taught to all Kai Lords. Your character has been training for many years but has yet to master all of the disciplines and so you may choose just 5 from the following list.


This discipline enables you to blend in with your surroundings. In the countryside, you are able to hide undetected among trees and rocks and pass close to an enemy without being seen. In a town or city, it enables you to look and sound like a native and it can help you find shelter or a safe hiding place.

Pick Camouflage if…
You want to be able to avoid combat, set traps for your foes or sneak about unseen.


This discipline ensures that you will never starve in the wild. You will always be able to hunt for food yourself, except in areas of wasteland and desert.

The discipline also enables you to be able to move swiftly and surely, helping you avoid pitfalls and other dangers.

Pick Hunting if…
You don’t want to have to keep track of Meals, you want to be self sufficient or you want to be at home in the wild.

Sixth Sense

This discipline may warn you of imminent danger. It may also reveal the true purpose of a stranger or strange object encountered in your adventures.

Pick Sixth Sense if…
You never want to be surprised or caught off guard, you want the Narrator to warn you of danger or you want to have exceptional intuition.


This discipline enables you to make the correct choice of a path in the wild, to discover the location of a person or object in a town or city and to assess any footprints or tracks you might find.

Pick Tracking if…
You never want to get lost, you want to be able to follow people even in the middle of nowhere or you want to be an expert tracker.


This discipline enables you to meditate to heal your own wounds, or to tend to the injuries of your friends. You can also identify illnesses, poisons and the potency of curative substances.

Pick Healing if…
You want to be able to help others, quickly recover from injuries and be able to cure diseases and poisons.


Upon entering the Kai Monastery, each Initiate is taught to master one type of weapon—you have shown a particular aptitude with this weapon.

When you learn the Kai discipline of Weaponskill, you can either choose a weapon from the following list or pick a random number to determine which one you have been trained in:

7. AXE
8. BOW

This is the weapon in which you have a natural aptitude and been given additional training.

Pick Weaponskill if…
You want to master a particular weapon, you want to be a powerful warrior or you want to be able to perform fancy techniques in combat.


Some of your enemies have the ability to attack you using psychic force, the focused power of their mind. The Kai discipline of Mindshield can protect you from harm when subjected to this form of attack.

Pick Mindshield if…
You want to be immune from an enemy’s psychic powers, to concentrate even when in distracting circumstances or to play an aloof and inscrutable character.


This discipline enables you to attack an enemy using the force of your mind.

Pick Mindblast if…
You like the idea of attacking enemies with the power of your mind or you want to be a powerful psychic warrior.

Animal Kinship

This discipline enables you to communicate with some animals and to be able to guess the intentions of others. In some cases, it can allow you to control an animal’s instincts or actions.

Pick Animal Kinship if…
You want to be able to befriend an animal, talk to wild beasts or calm down unfriendly creatures and stop them attacking you.

Mind Over Matter

Mastery of this discipline enables you to move small objects with your powers of concentration. At its basic levels, it can typically only move a weight equal to a small pouch of coins or tiny objects like the tumblers inside a lock.

Pick Mind Over Matter if…
You want to have potent psychic powers, you want to be able to move things with your thoughts alone, you want to be able to do all sorts of sneaky tricks without moving.


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