“During the early years of the Age of the Black Moon, the Darklords bred slaves to form the mainstay of their invading armies and for labour in the construction of fortresses and cities within the conquered lands. These slaves were the Giaks, and quickly they became respected as a formidable fighting force.

“Under the command of Darklord Vashna, the Giaks built the notorious stronghold of Helgedad, a place that owes its name to the Giak language (Hel = black/gedad = city). Upon its completion, Vashna began breeding new types of Giak in many dreadful spawning pits deep below his infernal city. The fruits of his ghastly labour were a stronger and more fearless breed that could better withstand the hellish heat and poisonous atmospheres of the Darklands. They were small, squat and grey-skinned, with yellow fangs and eyes that could see clearly in the smoky dungeons of Helgedad. Ruthlessly, this new breed, the Mountain Giaks, persecuted the weaker earlier breeds, ruling over them in a society founded on strength, cruelty and fear.

“As the Darklords expanded their empire, and as their need for bigger armies increased, the Giaks were used less frequently as slaves. Their society became wholly military, and a well-developed language evolved to fulfil their need for clear communication. In addition to their language, the Giaks are famed for their instinctive sense of order. Their armies are highly disciplined and well organized, with a strong chain of command. It is said that they fear their officers more greatly than any enemy, and this is borne out in many tales of Giak battles. With a strong leader they are fearless foes, but should their leader prove to be weak, or should he fall at a crucial moment, then Giak nerve is swift to break. Remember this lesson well.”



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