The Darklords


“During the Golden Age of the Shianti, Naar, the King of the Darkness, set about creating new and powerful servants to champion his cause and to reconquer the empire that was lost with the destruction of Naaros. Drawing upon the awesome power of his domain, he fashioned a race of supernatural creatures who were to become his generals in a war to end all wars. These terrible creatures were the Darklords of Helgedad.

“In the year MS 3072, the Darklords appeared for the first time in Northern Magnamund and began their terrible War of Desecration. Huge areas of fertile, cultivated land were devastated by fire and pestilence, and turned into toxic volcanic wastelands through the use of evil magic. The Drakkarim nations, in fear and awe of Darklord power, allied themselves to this new force and constructed huge city-fortresses to dominate the lands they helped to conquer. Not since the rise of Agarash the Damned had Magnamund faced such overwhelming evil.”


The Darklords

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