The Kai Monastery


“Of all the Sommlending who first appeared from out of the Northern Void to establish the sun-realm of Sommerlund, a few possessed a great strength that lay dormant within them. Greater powers of mind and body, unattainable by other men and women, were within their reach.

“These remarkable warriors became known as the Kai Lords of Sommerlund. The first Kai Lord was Shaen Ruanor, the Baron of Toran who undertook the quest for the Lorestones of Nyxator.

“Guided by the magicians of Dessi, he came to realise the true nature of his powers and the purpose for which they had been bestowed. His quest to locate the Lorestones of Nyxator was successful and through them he unlocked the wisdom and strength that had lain dormant within him for so long. In the year MS 3810, he built a monastery high in the hills of Western Sommerlund, on lands of the Royal Estate, where he established the Order of the Kai. The Monastery became a warrior school devoted to the development of the powerful disciplines that lay within all true Kai Lords. He took the name Sun Eagle, partly in honour of the sun-realm and partly in recognition of his baronial eagles’ crest.

“Sun Eagle recorded the wisdom of his discoveries in a great tome that came to be known as the Book of the Magnakai. Guided by the wisdom of this book and the personal tuition of Kai Grand Master Sun Eagle, the Order of the Kai flourished and grew. Children in the households of Knights of the Realm who were seen to possess dormant Kai disciplines were sent to the Monastery to receive special training.

“There, they entered a caring but strict society where their true potential as warrior lords was developed to the very highest level. The skills by which they had come to the attention of their liege-lords were honed to perfection under the watchful eyes of the Kai Skurdin. Besides the Kai disciplines, they were also taught the virtues of truth, honour and selfless courage.”

The Kai Monastery

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