“Each of you come to this place with talents of your own, gifts that make you unique. It is my hope that your abilities come to fruition during your time here. It is my duty to ensure that they do so. All of you are blessed in Kai’s sight.

“Some of you also seem suited to turn me grey before my years, but yes. Blessed. Very blessed.”

—Kai Lord Silent Owl, Caretaker of the Hall of Novitiates

Every Kai Lord is unique in their own way; even if they share the same characteristics and Kai disciplines as another Initiate, they each have their own personality quirks and abilities to distinguish them.

Traits round out your character, giving you more options for personalising your abilities and providing ‘handles’ for roleplaying. Each one is accompanied by a description and a benefit, a game effect that will grant your character some advantage for possessing that trait.

  • You start the game with 2 traits.
  • You gain additional traits as you advance in Rank. At Rank 6 and Rank 8, you may choose a new trait.

Unless specified otherwise, you may only select each trait once. Traits are divided into three categories—Physical, Mental, and Special—to help you narrow down which one you want to pick.

Physical Traits

Physical traits reflect gifts and aptitudes that might come either from birth or through heavy exercise and training. They are physical abilities that can play a role during adventures but are unrelated to your disciplines.


You can use both hands with equal skill, both in combat and in normal activity. You might be able to do impressive tricks like writing different things with each hand at the same time or you may have rigorously trained to fight with a pair of weapons.


You have a natural aptitude for physical activity. This gift lends itself well to athletic endeavours like jumping, climbing and swimming. Being athletic often leads to a competitive streak and an impulse to constantly improve one’s physique.


You are physically powerful and possess great strength. This prowess allows you to perform feats of strength that others would struggle to duplicate. Your physique likely mirrors your might, resulting in large muscles.


You can withstand incredible punishment without falling. You shrug off most diseases and you can eat things most people would fall ill at the thought of trying. Your gift might be a rapid ability to heal or a deadened sense of pain but regardless of its source, in the game of survival, you reign supreme.


Tough and enduring, you have a singular ability to weather adversity. Your hardy nature allows you to constantly endure the worst conditions that nature can throw at you.


In a hailstorm of arrows, you are the target that only gets nicked. Normal wounds barely faze you and serious injuries only drag you down if you leave them unattended. You may have very thick, weathered skin or physical conditioning that lets you ignore injuries better than others.


There is no space you cannot squeeze through and no ledge you cannot balance upon. You are dexterous beyond the scope of most others and when you move there is an undeniable agility. Such grace might lead you to rarely remain motionless for long.


You have excellent reflexes and your reaction times are second to none. Your coordination is very impressive and you can use this to your advantage, moving fast enough to cover a lot of ground in a hurry. A more athletic companion might beat you in a crosscountry race but no one outruns you in a straight sprint.


Either by accident of birth or careful work throughout your whole life, you are physically attractive to a notable degree. While you may not intentionally use your good looks to your advantage, they always have an effect on others. Usually this effect is a good one, but occasionally, it might just make things awkward or complicated.


You rarely sleep and when you do, it is not for long. You just seem to be able to keep going long after others have dropped from exhaustion. This makes you a perfect choice to remain on watch when camping. You always seem to go the extra mile, just because you can.

Mental Traits

Mental traits are tricks of the mind and abilities that can serve a Kai Lord well, although they are not psychic talents in their own right. They can make mental disciplines more powerful and influence skills and other aspects of play.


You have a powerful voice and a strong bearing, talents that serve you well when trying to lead others and keep the peace. When you speak, people listen. When you act, your peers tend to join in your endeavours.


You are extremely devoted and faithful to a cause or creed. This focus in your life is obvious to others and speaks well for your character. You derive a lot of inner strength from your cause and can accomplish amazing feats in its pursuit.


You are well-learned and have spent a great deal of time at your studies. You know a great deal about a great many things and while you may not be a specialist in any specific topic, you usually understand the basics of any subject that may come up.


You have a savage, primal nature that is never far from the surface when you are otherwise at peace. Meditation and emotional control has tempered you enough to act in harmony with others most of the time, but you still find you are distressingly quick to anger.


Others may leap wildly to conclusions but you have a gift for jumping very accurately into them. When you make a guess, you tend to be right and when you seek insight, you almost always find it. This may be a minor psychic gift or the result of subconscious deductive skills in action.


Through calm, wise counsel, you have developed a reputation for being even-minded and fair. Your skills are well suited to the life of a judge or ambassador, roles your peers likely already ascribe to you.

Keen Senses

One or more of your senses is extremely sharp, allowing you to glean far more information from your surroundings than most can. Some stimuli may affect you more harshly because of your acuity but, in general, this trait is a gift far more often than a curse.


Languages are a passion of yours and you learn them at an astonishing rate. The intricacies of communication may be an obsession or you might just have a natural gift for them. In either case, your ability to understand foreign tongues will serve you well on your adventures.

Sharp Wit

You are possessed of a singular cunning and a wry, some might say acerbic, intellect. Extremely astute, you can cut through any distractions or resistance like a keen blade. This trait may leave you in some socially awkward situations as it brings with it a tendency to be very direct.


Almost nothing surprises you and, even when it does, you are never completely caught off-guard. Your mind may not be the brightest sword on the shelf but it is always drawn and ready. Your constant alertness can lead you to become a bit paranoid but, when trouble arrives, you will be prepared.

Special Traits

Special traits often echo an outside effect on the Kai Lord possessing them. These range from the attention of a greater power such as Kai Himself to some innate talent for magic. Unique sorts of heritage also qualify as Special traits.


Everyone is influenced by their homeland, the people and place from whence they came. You exemplify this by embodying a notable feature of your background. When people think of where you are from, they see you as an exemplar of your heritage.


In the long scheme of history, you are destined to play an important part. You may become famous or your actions may be directly responsible for something of epic import. Kai Lords without this trait can certainly influence history and achieve great things but if you have a destiny, your legend—for good or ill—is assured.


You are at home in the forest; a true child of nature. Whether you were born and raised in sylvan settings or just have an innate sympathy for the wilds, you are at your best when you are far from the confines of civilisation.

Higher Mind

All Kai Lords have a psychic gift; it is what allows them to develop their disciplines and strengthen their bond with God Kai. Your gift surpasses that of others, providing mental power few other Kai Lords can hope to achieve.

Magical Soul

Somewhere in your lineage, your bloodline gained a gift for magic. Though your studies may lie elsewhere, that gift exists in you as well. While it does not allow you to wield magic without formal training, you are very sensitive to its effects and presence.

Night Owl

You are a nocturnal creature, more awake and aware at night than at any other time. While you are not particularly sluggish during the day, you much prefer to travel and adventure at night when you have the advantage.


Most Kai Lords divorce themselves from family ties and personal obligations upon joining the Order. You, however, have an obligation that cannot be easily sundered and remains to this day. You and the Narrator can work out what your Obligation is and how it will affect the game.


You have an incredible level of ability with a single skill or discipline, a mastery that even experts in that field would consider impressive. Your great skill may well have shaped your whole life, as someone with your gift is usually given many opportunities to develop it.


Kai’s sight has been upon you since birth, foretelling a great destiny ahead, be that a grand life or a glorious death. Unlike others who might be fated to a grand destiny, your life is lived directly in the light of the Sun and His attention is with you always.

Wild Bond

Animals adore you and the feeling is mutual. You have a gift for dealing with beasts that allows you to go far beyond the normal bounds of your disciplines and gifts. You have cultivated this relationship into a very powerful bond with one animal in particular.


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