Combat Techniques


Techniques are a way of allowing combat to be more than just a series of blows being traded until someone dies. With techniques, Kai Lords (and some of their enemies) can pull off stylish moves in battle. techniques are not a replacement for combat; in fact most techniques cause no damage at all.

What they do allow is manoeuvres that change the shape of a combat, offer a momentary advantage, or make extremely well-equipped opponents easier to handle.

How to Perform a Technique

In order to perform a Battle technique, you must first have advanced combat training. For Kai Lords, this is automatic as such training is part of their daily lives.

  • Techniques typically require the expenditure of 1 or more WILLPOWER points. You cannot use techniques at all if your WILLPOWER score is at 1, even if the technique in question does not require any WILLPOWER expenditure.
  • Some techniques require a technique test. For Kai Lords, this is a COMBAT SKILL test.
  • If you have the Weaponskill discipline you can add your discipline bonus to technique tests.
  • It is possible for Weaponskill to act as a Discipline Drumpf in a test as normal for skills (see page 19), but Narrators should only allow this when a technique is being used against surprised opponents or clearly inferior foes.

If the technique is used against an enemy, their COMBAT SKILL bonus is added to your Target Value, making techniques against extremely well-trained opponents and groups more difficult.

Important: Note that unlike other skill tests, your total COMBAT SKILL is used to determine your characteristic bonus for a technique test, regardless of where your bonuses might come from. You may only use one technique per Combat Round and you may not make any techniques if your current WILLPOWER is 1.

Technique List

  • Charge: Move from Close to Melee range and attack on the same round. (1 WP)
  • Deadly Dodge: Use against multiple opponents or grouped enemies to inflict extra damage. (1 WP; CS test)
  • Disarm: Send your opponent’s weapon flying out of his hand. (1 WP; CS test)
  • Heavy Strike: Inflict double damage on your foe if wielding a weapon two-handed. If he is not defeated, you also suffer double damage. If your weapon has the Heavy quality, you may spend 4 WP and inflict triple damage. (2 or 4 WP)
  • Infuriate: Target a foe. If you win your test, they must Engage you as soon as possible and target only you in the Engagement. (1 WP; CS test)
  • Parry: You do not suffer EP loss in this Exchange; instead, you lose half the EP amount from your WP. If your WP is dropped to 0, you fall unconscious. (1+ WP)
  • Riposte: If you lose 0 EP on a Combat Exchange, you may test against your CS. On a success, your enemy suffers EP loss equal to your Rank. (2 WP; CS test)
  • Second Strike: You may inflict EP loss on a second Combat Exchange of the round. You inflict a minimum of 4 points of damage. Only available if you have taken 3 ranks of Ambidextrous. (1 WP)
  • Shield Dance: You may combine your shields CS Bonus and Defense and then use the total for one or the other. If you fail your CS test, you may spend 1 WP to succeed anyway. (0-1 WP; CS test)
  • Unfair Fight: If you succeed at your CS test, you gain a +2 CS and the enemy suffers a -2 CS; this lasts the rest of the combat, but only applies when you and the enemy are fighting each other. (1 WP; CS test)

Combat Techniques

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